Monday, August 29, 2011



"Boredoms in the bathroom shaking out the loose teeth
Sally's in the stirrups claiming her destiny
And nobody nowhere understands anything
About me and all my dreams
Lost at sea"


"Jack it up judy set your heart alight
Mayfair mistress of the satellites
Misspent youth- faking up a rampage
To hold off the real slaves
Paid off and staid
And what you never knew
Can never get to you"


"So fake it
I'll be your stumbleine
I'll be your super queen
And make you"


"Jukebox fuckup hanging round the drugstore
No matter what you say he'll be back for more
Mommy's in the manger with the little kids
She's got her reasons, got my forgets"


"Of tears and idle threats
And no matter what they do
They can't get to you"


"So fake it
I'll be your stumbleine
I'll be your super queen
And make you me
Come around ruby I could never sleep alone"

-Stumbleine, Smashing Pumpkins

Skin:  LAQ ~ Jennie2 - [Milky] - 01 - Mallory Cowen

Cleavage:  LAQ ~ Cleavage v4 - Layer1 [Milky] - Mallory Cowen

Makeup:  Miamai_XGen Makeup_Vintage Liner B Black - No Hair - Monica Outlander

Makeup II:  Fiorellino~ Brownie - Summer Deadlight (not available)

Hair:  [LeLutka]-RYKIEL hair - SummerTime - Thora Charron

Sweater:  JANE - bella sweater.milk - Janie Marlowe

Skirt:  *Fishy Strawberry* Peyote Mini - Wash A 1 - Fae Eriksen (Euphoria End of Summer Sale)

Belt:  *Fishy Strawberry* Peyote Belt - Fae Eriksen (Euphoria End of Summer Sale)

Socks:  JANE - lil piggies chocolate - Janie Marlowe

Shoes:  (r)M~Shoe Repair "Punk Boot" (b r o w n ) - Moni Schulz

Necklace:  (luc) Tokens of Faith Necklace Gold [M], StCrist/Cmpsn - Lucas Lameth

Earrings: :+*R*+: Lovest Pierced Earrings Gold - uta karas

Eyes:  Pulse - Avanti Eyes/Rapture - Lorac Farella

Lashes:  [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/long - Minnu Palen/Thora Charron

Purse:  ::{u.f.o}::sagak sagak bag - mainish - Aisyla Aldrin

Sunglasses:  [Gos] - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 - AVIATOR [loaded] - gospel voom


  1. I absolutely love the lighting! I think you've come a long way with all of your blogs, and this latest entry has to be my favorite. So keep up the good work baby, I love you =)

  2. I love your photo and highlighted it and your blog in my column, What I Like, for Shopping Cart Disco. Hope you like it.