Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Video Killed the Radio Star

After some time away from Second Life® and returning to the fold, I've made a promise to myself to blog more. School is starting and I have two semesters left to get my Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Services with a concentration in Addiciton Counseling. Life sure goes fast when you have a purpose.

My inspiration for this outfit was after I put on these incredibly tight jeans from The Secret Store. It got me thinking of the early 80s, when the transition from disco, classic rock and skating rinks went to MTV, pop/synth and designer jeans were in. Video Killed the Radio Star...

Video Killed the Radio Star - V

The outfit is solely focused on these jeans. These jeans are completely epic. They actually are Embroidered Flare Pants with cuffs that have the pretty embroidery on them. What got me was the pockets and the extreme tight fit. Reminded me so much of the Jordache® designer jeans with the fancy pocket detailing.

Video Killed the Radio Star - VI

As you can see, these jeans also act like a girdle for my virtual girly pouch. At least I don't need to breathe as an avatar, but I've heard there is an AO out there that lets you looking like you're breathing. If I did that you bet your little pixel butts I'm popping a button off these jeans.

Legwarmers have been in style in our virtual world for a few years and in and out of the styles real life. Of course it was made a popular style in the early 80s mostly from Jane Fonda's workout video's, Olivia Newton-John's "Let's Get Physical" video and Flashdance. So these legwarmers paired with these shoes from SLink, which have the cutout heels are completely and totally the 80s feel I'm working.

Video Killed the Radio Star - II

The studded belt from Peppers matched great, along with the bangles and nails from *X*plosion, and the cute frilly layered top from Tram all keep that ambiance going. I really like the layered tops although that is definitely 70s influenced that crept into the early 80s and has now made a comeback!

Video Killed the Radio Star - III

So I wanted to show you another picture of my smothered butt and the crease in the thigh where the lycra, polyester and spandex are keeping them glued on. Actually I wanted to focus on the fabulous keychain. If you remember these tail keychains total ^5. I had one when I was a kid and loved it with my little jeans. My cat loved it too and chewed it up.

Video Killed the Radio Star-1

Well now I'm all grown up and the 80s are my the fond, nostalgic and magical decade of my youth, but thanks to this virtual world and reoccuring styles, I can visit it anyday. Until next time...HASTA LA BYE BYE!

Video Killed the Radio Star - IV

Skin:  LAQ ~ Jennie2 - [Milky] - 04 - Mallory Cowen

Cleavage:  LAQ ~ Cleavage v4 - Layer1 [Milky] - Mallory Cowen

Hair:  >TRUTH< BabyDoll 2 - swedish - Truth Hawks from Project Fur Japan

Shirt:  tram -Frill Halter Top [white] - moca Loup

Jeans:  The Secret Store - Embroidered flared pants - Faded Blue - Maylee Oh

Shoes:  Slink Ariadne Boots White - Siddean Munro

Bracelet/Nails:  *X*plosion BraceletsAndNails GALLANT (silver) - Kahila Noel

Legwarmers:  [ Love Soul ] Leg warmers*Plane-White - BlueStarRUI Villota

Keychain:   [ Love Soul ] [ Love Soul ] Fur tail keychains-V2*White* - BlueStarRUI Villota

Eyes:  LAQ ~ Dazzling Misty Eyes - Mallory Cowen

Earrings:  CCD - Earring - Reflective Triumvirate Hoop - Caithlin Carter/Kimber Carter(CEO)

Belt:  ~Pepper~ Spike Belt colorchange - Anny Mendes/Danni Pfeffer

Not Seen:  [ glow ] Beachwood glasses White Lace - Anemysk Karu/Jocelyn Anatine/Linka Demina

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