Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Lover's So Polite

Little Lover's So Polite - I

"So much for the light show
Pissing on while pissing off

Sucking in a smokescreen
Selling of a loose knit dream"

Little Lover's So Polite - II

"Folding up the skyline
Agreeing on a steep decline
Cant control this airplane
Being caught is just the same
Headed for a lowlife
Little lover's so polite
Waking up the core needs
With smelling salts and faulty means"

Little Lover's So Polite - III

"Did the bones collide
Who let the bones collide
Why did the bones collide

it's always the same way for me
Ending in the same way"

Little Lover's So Polite - IV

"So much for the showdown
Keeping up while keeping off
Choking on the cold feet
Rolling up the plastic sleeves
Can't control the slow ride
Little lover's so polite
Turning off the low light
Tell me did the bones collide"

Little Lover's So Polite - V

"Little lover's so polite
So polite
So polite
Turning off the low light

it's always the same way for me
Blue turns soft with time
Broke remains, an everyday disguise
Ending in the same way. . .the same way"

-Little Lover's So Polite, Silversun Pickups

Skin:  LAQ ~ Jennie2 - [Milky] - 01 - Mallory Cowen

Cleavage:  LAQ ~ Cleavage v4 - Layer1 [Milky] - Mallory Cowen

Makeup:  Miamai_XGen Makeup_Vintage Liner B Black - No Hair - Monica Outlander 

Makeup:  :LP: Hornet Face Tattoo - syn beresford

Hair:  !VA! Pipi-noir - Tabata Jewell

Jacket:  The Secret Store - Darling Cardigan - Chinese Roses - Maylee Oh

Shorts:  *salire fur skirt (pants and attachments only) - salire Landar

Socks:  JANE -  lil piggies socks.sassy.bk raven - Janie Marlowe

Boots:  [SG*] Wonder Bird - Pink  (50% off all stock due to Store Closing. Farewell Sweetest Goodbye, I have enjoyed your store over the past years.) - Morphine Jack

Tattoo:  :Little Pricks: Love of Guns Upper Chest Tattoo - syn beresford

Hat:  [LWL] (Euphoria Location) Cheshire Cat Hat (black) - Faint Paulse

Nails:  :+*R*+: Nail Ottava Red - uta karas

Pulse - Avanti Eyes/Rapture - Lorac Farella

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