About Summer

I am Summer Deadlight and I have much experience in the virtual fashion industry in Second Life® that has spanned over three years, almost four.  I started modeling in August 2007 after competing in a beauty competition and won the title of Miss SL® Tropics.  It was a very amazing experience for me and I entered the realm of mainstream modeling and fashion as a Neko.  I was a part of ASpiRE, a fashion empire agency as well as acquiring a spot in Ewing Agency's Fashion Week 2007.  I entered 12 Avatars Calendar competition and out of 624 entries I placed 4th.  It was a very long week of networking and voting, but I am proud of the accomplishment.   I created a model support network called Runway Kidz in Fall of 2007 with many models who are still actively working today.  I was selected in late 2007 as one of the top 25 Most Beautiful avatars by BOSL and went on to compete in the first Miss Virtual World® 2008 pageant.  I represented Miss USA and placed 2nd.

I also was a model trainer and runway manager for the KaDeWe runway competition that had a prize of a trip to the KaDeWe store located in Germany.  I worked with Fortunate Szondi as a powerhouse team and was a part of the organization for six weeks.  In spring of 2008 I was selected as one of the top 5 female models in Second Life® from BOSL and also in Summer 2008 I started as a trainer at Avenue's new modeling school.  I taught Introduction to the World of Modeling.  I wrote and modeled for Runway magazine and also Runway Kidz were featured in various articles.  In Fall of 2008 the officers of Runway Kidz produced a three day weekend with six shows, 3 parties and one big event.

Before modeling I was a SL® club DJ but during 2008 I started to DJ for fashion shows and events. Sim parties, designer parties, and co-hosted the Miss Costa Rica pageant in 2008.  I enjoy being a voice MC for fashion shows while providing music.  I also participate as a model and DJ in Relay for Life Fashion Fairs 2007, 2008, 2009 and have DJ'd Second Life®'s Birthday event in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.  I have participated in Burning Life as a DJ and also was the on-call DJ for Sun Microsystems® in 2007. 

I have been in the BOSL Broadway productions in 2008 and 2009, was a judge for BeStyle Calendar Competition 2009 and Mr. Virtual World judge 2009.  I have participated in Fashion Weeks for Modavia Productions, Runway and BOSL.  I have been in machinima productions through Avenue and featured on cover of Runway Magazine July 2008, centerfold for TOOSexy in 2010, and in Modavia Fashion Directory, various issues.

I have had many more experiences than what I've listed and have enjoyed being a part of every facet of the modeling world.  I have taken a break since October 2010 from Modeling and DJ'ing due to real life factors.  I have recently returned and have decided that I want to develop a blog and showcase my styling abilities. 

If you do not see me with my ears and tail, it's only because I am using Neko magic to keep you from seeing! You all know I am kitty!