Policies & Disclaimers

I.  I self identify as a virtual stylist.  I created this blog to share my styles publicly and to continue on what I consider a creative outlet.  With this being said, I do not "review" items professionally or offer a critical opinion. I will not blog items I do not personally like.

II.  I reserve the right to offer a personal opinion but it is not stated as an absolute truth, but one that is my own and I take the responsibility for my own personal thoughts I share publicly.  

III.  I will not contact designers for items or be held to a schedule by items that may be dropped.  I will accept items that are dropped to me but as per this policy it will not require me to actually blog that item specifically.  If I can merge it into an outfit then I will be sure to give the credit it's due in forms of sharing a link and information about said item.

IV.  I reserve the right to display, mix and match, and style outfits to my own satisfaction so if any items are dropped to me, then the items may be pieced out into various outfits.

V.  Some pictures will be edited using CS5® (Photoshop) and/or Picnik® (http://www.picnik.com/) and displayed at Flickr® (http://www.flickr.com/) and/or uploaded to this blog.  I display my ongoing discovery of virtual photographing skills using Second Life® tools to take screenshots.  If you like an outfit, please go to the store and look at the vendor pictures so that you can see the items "as is" in world or through Second Life® Marketplace.

VI.  Second Life®, SL®, Linden Labs®, and other trademarks from Linden Research® are protected by trademark laws.  I make no claims of any affiliation or association with Linden Research, subsidiaries and other trademarked associations.  I am a citizen of this virtual world by my own choice and recognition.  "All rights reserved, no infringement is intended."

VII.  I support the Second Life® fashion community, designers, photographers, artists, bloggers, models, builders, citizens and the pursuit of virtual dreams.

VII.  I will update Policies and Disclaimers as needed, and this goes in effect as of April 12, 2011, 6:40am CST.