Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dead Like a Flower

Dead Like a Flower II - blog429

the day begins
the day ends
climb upwards
growing stem

Dead Like a Flower - blog 428

say goodbye
up up touch the sky
say hello and
down down down you go

Dead Like a Flower III - blog429

to the floor
crumpled crushed
cry without a sound
stand here
sit up
sit down

Dead Like a Flower

I am here
where the garden grows
...dead like a flower
-poem by Summer Deadlight

  • Skin: AYUMIwhite 2 nh-LionSkins - Lion Jonesford ** One of the twenty new skins from the Ayumi line shown w/cleavage option*
  • Top: {SMS} Corset Metallic Black - Irie Campese
  • Pants: =Razorblade Jacket= Grunge Cut Offs w/ Dot Tights SHEER - Kehl Razor
  • Hair: *+JENOVA's+* & **Dura**(Hair)(Black)resize - chiaki Xue
  • Shoes: Ducknipple Shoebido - Pink - beanster Potato
  • Necklace: {Violet Voltaire} Black Hearts: Wicked Necklace - Violet Voltaire - **From Horrofest 2010**
  • Hat: grim bros pirate fetish panda tophat - Cutea Benelli - **Purchased at FFL 2011**
  • Bracelets: SiniStyle J Bracelets - Krius Misfit
  • Nails: :OW: "Anti-Flick" Nails - Frank Windlow
  • Nose Ring/Chain: [Acide!] Kiss me Set (Hard V2) Unisex Reseizer - AcIde Innovia
  • Eyes: .ID. Spring Eyes - Thunderstorm - Audrey Lamede
  • PropGLITTERATI - The Social Climber - Singles/group - Katey Coppola

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